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It’s one of the best films to take you out of a grey sentimental zone

Who remembers Fran Fine, the delicious Nanny, and her crazy family?

Source: Pixabay

The Story of the Little Lord Fauntleroy is what’s missing in today’s society

Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Some might surprise you

Audrey Hepburn, source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain

You don’t have to risk getting Covid or carry all those heavy bags

Andrea Piacquadio/ Pexels

Her impressive career and the sweet person she was

Reconnect with the Eighties’ Rich Vibes

Kate Bush

Rediscover Hidden Cinema Gems

Source: Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

The Romanian Director Who Changed Hollywood


Roxana Anton

I love Spirituality, Humor, Cats, Movies. Poet, Author, Translator, Dreamer.

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